Parental Society

With in our college, there is a management committee and all the members of this committee are dedicated for the arrangement of better facilities to maintain a good educational environment. We have given a description about this committee over this website on Management page. This one is about our parental society.

Our college has parental society; Jain Sthanak Vasi Kanya Vidyalaya Shiksha Society

This society has 60 year old history of giving its best for educating girls in this region. Yes, 1954 was the birth year of a society having one noble mission – Girls Education. No doubt, it was a tough task as no one was caring about education of the girl child in that period. Few gentle souls tried their best and formed one kanya pathshala in Jain Sthanakvasi Dharmshala with just 6 students. They started this small schooling facility to educate girls about ethical and modern educations too.

Certainly, there were hurdles in their way. But, their dedication yielded in a superb way and they upgraded this pathshala in Junior High School in 1956. After four years, this school got certified as Higher Secondary School in 1960.

In the year 1964, this higher secondary school got the shape of an intermediate college. Society had gifted Jain Sthanakvasi Girls Intermediate College to Baraut. This was the first inter college separately for girls. Now, many families were comfortable in sending their daughters to this college. Due to this, Baraut and nearby area got many educated women. This was certainly a big contribution in the growth of this area.

Well, this was just an initiation of a big dream. All society members were keen to do big and they worked for degree college affiliation. After a period of nine years, this dream become true and yielded as:

Jain Asthanak Vasi Girls Degree College

With the sincere efforts and strong will of raising standard, this society members have given the single girls PG college to this town in year 2009.

Jain Asthanak Vasi Girls P. G. College

Here, a separate management runs this degree college. But, the vision is completely in the similar direction: empowering girls with quality education. This 30 members society has 18 members responsible for the management of this college and rest, 12 members are taking care of school as well as intermediate college.

Future Plans From This Society

There are a lot to come in near future. On the priority basis, Annpurna Canteen in college area and formation of Muni Mayaram Shodh Peeth are two plans over which all the members are working nowadays.

There is a plan of Girls hostel too. We all know that college is having PG in self financed category. Society members are thinking about extending college education standard by adding Professional Course. For this, there will be another building. Possibly, it will be on Delhi Saharanpur Road. This college premise area will have –

  • Girls Hostel
  • Girls Sports Academy
  • Plenty of Professional Courses

Memories From The Past

Here are few pics from old days –