Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading body for providing quality education to girls in the western part of the state. Our endeavor is to develop qualities such as duty consciousness, discipline, self reliance, noble thoughts, and so on in our students for their all round development so that they can constructively participate in the process of nation building.

We are making them ready to face present and future challenges through structured learning system. This college is dedicated to provide meaningful education to women of all sections of society so that they can actively participate in all fields of life. The college aspires to provide not only formal education but to contribute to the development of all facets of the students’ personality by engaging them in sports and social service activities, debates and art and literary activities. The college aims to provide access to its educational programs to students from diverse backgrounds on the basis of merit and encourage application of capable students from under-represented groups in society. We are working our best to make quality education truly affordable and accessible to everyone without being biased to race, religion or disability. With the first day of this college, our elders had seeded this vision in each and every one associated with this college. This place has all ethics of Jain dharma and every body within this territory of college gives his/her one hundred percent to keep values first. Our basics are quiet clear, hence we are confident that all our sincere efforts will make dream of our elders true. We are serving society at our best and we are giving all the possible facilities to girls in the region regarding their quality education.