Our History

Someone without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. – Marcus Garvey

Yes, this quotes narrate correctly about the importance of this post. When we are sharing about Present and Future plans over this official website of college then it becomes necessary that we share about history of this organisation…

Jain Asthanakvasi Girls Degree College – Our History

Like any other educational organisation, JAV Girls Degree College, Baraut has its own golden history of 35 years. With all the hurdles and success, the dream of our elders has reached up to this place. And, our history inspires us a lot for working further so that their dream, this college, can reach on a higher level. We learn a lot when we start turning pages of history of this college. You might have noticed few important years and relevant event regarding the milestone achieved so far. This page will give you more detailed story from the past of Jain Asthanakvasi Girls Degree College.

Start of the grand journey of this institute belongs to year 1954. Yes, it was the time when no one was caring about education for girls in our country. Most families were counting it unnecessary. In that year, few visionary people from jain society initiated in this direction and formed our parental society;  Jain Sthanakvasi Kanya Vidyalaya Shiksha Society

From home page of this website, you can get a brief about the journey of this society and other than this, we have specially mentioned a page regarding its history too. With every passing year, they had worked welfare of girls especially regarding their education….

In 1973, efforts of our parental society resulted in form of a degree college. Yes, Baraut town got its first girls degree college; Jain Asthanak Vasi Girls Degree College. With this CCSU, Meerut affiliated degree college, a new era of educated girls started from that year.

In 2009, our college got certified for MA classes in self financed category. With this, J A V Girls Degree College turned in to J A V Girls PG College. We are having post graduation in two subjects: English & Drawing

In 2015, this institution got especial certification of Jain Minority Educational Institution from National Commission For Minority Educational Institutions.

With this glorify memories of past years, our college is rapidly growing in terms of infrastructure, reputation and certainly on the level of educational ethics. We urge you to check Facilities page to understand about our infrastructure.