Core Values

While running this institute, our team is sincerely concerned about CORE INSTITUTIONAL VALUES in the day to day work. This page is having a brief about these core values.

Quality and Continuous Improvement
JAV Girls PG College will strive for quality in all that it does. It will also strive for continuous improvement in all areas, and will measure its progress with appropriate national standards.

Student Learning and Student Development
JAV Girls PG College is a student-centered institution. It will strive to provide educational experiences of exceptional quality and a student life environment that provides for healthy personal development.

Institutional Integrity and Community
JAV Girls PG College will strive to develop long-term relationships based on honesty, fairness, and respect. It will further strive to provide a safe environment that supports freedom of inquiry, protects diversity, and fosters a sense of well being.

Institutional Agility and Entrepreneurism
JAV Girls PG College will strive to minimize bureaucracy, cost, and institutional inertia in all forms. It will further strive to accept appropriate risks in pursuit of opportunity.

Stewardship and Service
JAV Girls PG College will strive to provide responsible stewardship of all its resources while encouraging a spirit of service to society.